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Recycled Plastic Gates - Case Studies

CSC Construction, A New Build Housing Development
in Nelson, Lancashire

These T&G back gates and double folding gates in recycled plastic wood were installed by CSC Construction of Stockport at Pendle Council’s new hi-spec housing development in Nelson, Lancashire.

Kedel Limited, who specialise in recycled mixed plastic lumber and plastic wood for sustainable construction, manufactured these black recycled plastic wood T&G gates at their unit in Colne, Lancashire.

The project Architects specified Kedel recycled plastic wood  for this high quality new-build housing scheme, with the stated aim of achieving a traditional look but avoiding the long-term maintenance costs that are usually incurred annually of a treated wood equivalent. 


The Boxman, Bradford, Yorkshire

Kedel’s Plastic Wood T&G set into a metal frame was selected by Paul McDonald from The Boxman in Bradford to create these exquisite double gates.

The material used has the same density and weight as some South American hard woods, and the gates were therefore no heavier than if treated wood had been used, but the customer specifically requested a maintenance free solution but with the feel and appearance of wood and avoiding the look of plastic.

Kedel's plastic wood is frequently mistaken for genuine wood planks and beams and customers have been known to complain that they have been sent a wood rather than the plastic wood product they ordered. 

Kedel's Plastic Wood T&G can be manufactured in any UV protected colour, and is made from used CD cases and coat hangers.

These are converted into a more dense polystyrene extrusion that looks and feels very convincing and is an ideal subsitute for treated wood.


 Matthew McLaughlin at Contact Fabrications in Halifax 

Contact Fabrications made these Fancy Fabricated Metal Gates with Tongue and Groove Panels in Recycled Plastic Wood at 2 private houses in Halifax. The oak tongue and groove has been worked using normal woodworking tools giving a long-lasting maintenance-free professional finish that delighted his clients.

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