Recycled Plastic Wood

Recycled Plastic Wood is made of polystyrene from old CD cases and coathangers etc. which would otherwise find their way into landfill or incinerators.

Kedel's Plastic Wood Profiles have a similar density and weight to some South American hardwoods, and are sometimes mistaken for wood.

They offer the aesthetics of wood with all the advantages of recycled plastic and its associated lifetime cost savings. Lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood.


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Fascia Boards | Recycled Plastic Wood
From:  £75.78 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - Colours - 100 x 40mm
From:  £32.96 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - 100 x 40mm
From:  £30.02 exc. VAT
Plastic Wood Decking 120 x 20mm x 3m
£27.28 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - 120mm x 20mm
From:  £17.19 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - 100 x 30mm
From:  £24.87 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - Colours - 100 x 30mm
From:  £24.72 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - 38 x 38mm
From:  £24.21 exc. VAT
Recycled plastic wood - 70 x 30mm
From:  £17.15 exc. VAT
Recycled Plastic Wood - Synthetic Wood - 100 x 20mm
From:  £16.63 exc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards | 100 x 30mm
From:  £7.38 exc. VAT
Golf Course Marker Post - Recycled Plastic Wood
From:  £6.65 exc. VAT
Multicoloured Fence Pales | Recycled Plastic Wood
From:  £6.38 exc. VAT
Rafter Tail in Recycled Plastic Wood
From:  £2.05 exc. VAT

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Recycled Plastic Lumber - Plastic Timber - UK Plastic Wood - Plastic Wood Profiles - Synthetic Wood

Recycled Plastic Wood - Styrene

Kedel's Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber and Synthetic Wood, ARE NOT Plastic Wood Composites or Recycled Composite Profiles (RCP), which can contain sawdust and other non-plastic elements, which will absorb moisture. Our products contain NO WOOD at all and will not absorb moisture.

This Recycled Plastic Timber is entirely recycled plastic and the nearest thing you will find to wood, but has none of the disadvantages of treated wood.

You can have all the aesthetic properties of wood but with the maintenance free advantages of plastic. Made entirely from a sustainable, cost effective material that lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood. (See problems of treated timber) .

Highest Quality - Best Price

We extrude this plastic wood product ourselves - so there's no middle man taking a cut - we can therefore offer the highest quality product at the very best prices.

Kedel's Plastic Wood products are extruded from recycled polystyrene, and have a more wood-like feel, weight and appearance than our mixed recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) / Low density Polyethylene (LDPE) lumber product. Synthetic wood, also referred to as plastic wood, can be produced in any RAL colour and can display the qualities of any type of wood.

Our Recycled Mixed Plastic Product is heavier and denser than wood and is more difficult to make in colours other than grey, brown, black or green. This Mixed Recycled Plastic product is often used for benching and bollards and was the most common type of recycled plastic on the market for some time. Now there is more choice, though this heavy duty mixed plastic is still favoured for fencing products by housing associations and local authorities.

Versatile Material with Varied Applications

Kedel use the Recycled Mixed Plastic Profiles in structurally demanding roles and the Recycled Plastic Wood where the appearance and feel of wood is aesthetically preferred such as in benches and picnic table tops and seats.

Unlike many other companies selling recycled plastic products, Kedel designers mix our recycled plastic profile types even in a single product to get the best result. Derwent Picnic Tables are all made from Plastic Wood, but Ribble Picnic Tables use only Mixed Plastic. Ribble Rainbow Range are a mixture of both, using Plastic Wood for the tops and seats and Mixed Plastic Profiles for the base. Our Children's 'Play and Learn' Products - the Children's Outdoor Kitchen Units - use Recycled Plastic Sheet material along with Plastic Wood for the legs and frame.

Reducing Waste - Recycling Saves Your Money

Throwing waste plastic along with other rubbish into landfill is currently costing Local Government about £200 a tonne, whereas recycling the same plastic waste brings in about £25 a tonne. Kedel are growing their business with the aim of preventing this waste and helping local authorities save money for the tax payer. We all deserve to keep our hard earned cash in our own pockets to spend as we wish.

A Maintenance Free Alternative to Traditional Materials

Kedel's British recycled plastic wood does not rot, is impervious to insects, resistant to mould and absorbs no moisture.

This the perfect maintenance free replacement for wood.

Recycled plastic wood can not only replace wood, but in many cases can also be used instead of concrete or even metal.

In construction projects it offers a significantly lower carbon footprint.

ArcelorMital Orbital Tower, viewing platforms used Kedel Recycled Plastic Decking

Kedel's Recycled Plastic Decking was recently used by Sir John McAlpines for the Arcelor Mital Orbital Tower at the London Olympics, specifically to lower this iconic structure's carbon footprint.

Reduced Lifetime Costs

Studies by WRAP have shown that considerable cost saving can be made by using recycled plastic instead of wood in projects where both are continually exposed to the elements.

Recycled plastic wood requires no maintenance and replacement is unlikely for decades compared to wood which needs maintenance in as little as 2 years and replacement after only 7 years.

Local authorities and Housing Associations are already making up to 80% saving on their maintenance and replacement budgets.

Can replicate Any Type of Wood in any RAL Colour 

Kedel supply their Recycled Plastic Wood in three standard colours - Black, Mahogany and Light Oak, but in quantity it can be produced in any RAL colour and match any kind of wood. All we need is a sample of your existing colour or a specified RAL colour.

On occasion, some of our customers have complained that we have sent them wood rather than the recycled maintenance-free plastic they wanted. A good selling point! So there is no doubt that this is a very high quality replacement for wood.

Handling Recycled Plastic Wood 

For advice on 'Working with Recycled Plastic Wood' - please call 01282 861325 or e-mail

Recycled Plastic Wood - What is it?

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