Recycled Plastic Gates

Low Carbon Footprint • Maintenance-free • Lifetime Cost Saving Benefit

We no longer supply bespoke made gates but we do supply the materials for you to make your own. For more information, advice or a quotation for Recycled Plastic Gates or suitable Recycled Plastic Profiles 
Call 01282 861325, email Sales or use our Quotations Form for a quick response.

 Recycled Plastic Double Gates - Black Plastic Wood  Recycled Plastic Back Gate - Black Plastic Wood  Recycled Plastic Back Gate - Rear View  Recycled Plastic Hit and Miss Picket Gate
Recycled Plastic Gates - Double folding gates
Recycled Plastic Gate detail
Recycled Plastic Wood Gate - Oak
Recycled Plastic Double Gate - rear view
Recycled Plastic Double Gates - closed Recycled Plastic Lumber round top Recycled plastic gates - inset with plastic wood oak


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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items

FREE Recycled Plastic Gates

You will have to pay for the recycled plastic planks or tongue and groove boards to make the gates (or we can make them for you), but since they last at least 5 times longer than the treated wood equivalent they will pay for themselves in just 4 to 5 years through 80% maintenance and replacement cost savings.




Recycled Plastic Tear Drop Tongue and Groove Back Gate

Recycled Plastic

Studies by WRAP have shown excellent cost benefits of recycled plastic lumber compared to treated wood products where both are continually exposed to the elements.

Garden Gates in Recycled Plastic are being installed all over the UK by cost conscious Local Authorities and Housing Associations aiming to make substantial cuts in their maintenance and replacement budgets.

Kedel's Recycled Plastic Wood is made from a dense form of blown, extruded polystyrene, producing a product that can mimic any type of wood in any RAL colour.

It is occasionally mistaken for wood by some of our customers who call to complain, insisting that we must send them recycled plastic and not wood. It's quite amusing trying to convince them that we have already done this and does make a very good selling point.

Made from waste polystyrene goods such as CD cases and coat hangers our Synthetic Wood has the same density and weight of some South American hard woods. It is ideal for plastic gates for driveways.

We have also produced  a variety of Fencing Products and beautiful Garden Benches from this material which gives the appearance of wood with all the benefits of plastic.

Colours are well protected with a UV protection rating of 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-8. Fading is only about 5% in 10 years which is barely noticeable.

Although it is much heavier than wood our recycled mixed plastic product can also be used for Gate construction. This heavy duty material has a more restricted colour range due to the mixture of plastics it contains which include plastic milk bottle containers, silage bags, plastic buckets, old paint trays and an assortment of commercial and domestic plastic waste.

Depending on the profile recycled mixed plastic profiles are available in Grey, Brown, Black, or Green.

For more information, advice or a quotation for Recycled Plastic Gates or suitable Recycled Plastic Profiles call 01282 861325, email Dermot Walch or use our Quotations Form for a quick response.