Recycled Plastic Fencing - Case Study

23 MAY 2012



Along with several other housing associations in the UK, 'Your Housing Group', who are one of the largest in the UK providing social housing, have chosen recycled plastic from Kedel Limited - a long life, maintenance-free fencing product, which is one of several sustainable building materials provided by Kedel, based in Colne, Lancashire.

This fencing renewal project, taking place in Partington, Manchester involves a 120-house scheme using recycled plastic fencing which can be recycled again at the end of it's life, making this low carbon alternative a perfect sustainable option, as well as a cash saving solution, that will not require maintenance or replacement for up to 50 years.

There are additional social advantages, as this scheme is being rolled out in collaboration with Skills2Build, who create work for particularly disadvantaged unemployed local people, whose face major barriers to finding work in their local area.

This scheme whose initial phase completed last August, has been extended, and Your Housing are keen to apply the same model to all fencing on their entire housing stock nationally, as they report that they are already realising savings of up to 80% on their maintenance and replacement budgets.

Dermot Walch, managing director at Kedel says, "The new recycled mixed plastic material from Kedel replaces a range of fencing sizes and varieties which are broken or rotten, and normally entail an annual recurring cost. This cost will no longer be incurred.

"Using our recycled mixed plastic product offers significant cost and performance advantages over traditional wooden materials, as this fencing will never rot, chip or fade, will last longer than wood, and will make annual maintenance a thing of the past."

Your Housing Group are particularly happy to involve local residents in the fabrication and installation of the fencing giving them a pride in the improvements they are making to their own areas. The new new skills and regular work will also give them confidence and self-esteem as well as improved job prospects after the scheme is completed.

Dermot Walch added: “We’re delighted to be involved in this project. The fencing is truly sustainable in every sense of the word, and the fact that our recycled plastic construction materials are designed for strength, durability and stability will now be demonstrated to the full in Partington; and it will stay looking great for the residents for many decades to come.”

Information on the full range of Kedel recycled plastic building products is available at and more particular project requirements involving Recycled Plastic can be supplied by the Kedel Sales Team.

Media Contacts

For further information please email Kedel Media Contact, Dermot Walch.

All about Recycled Plastic

Recycled Mixed Plastic is already used for a wide range of different products and applications in various industry sectors including industrial, infrastructure, equestrian, building and construction, marine, agriculture, and leisure and recreation.

These recycled plastic products are valued not just because of their environmental credentials which support the growth of building and sustainable construction, but also because they offer superior quality and performance over traditional building materials such as concrete, steel and wood.

Since the Your Housing Project was initiated, Kedel have greatly increased their product range to meet market demand coming from architects, specifiers and construction professionals, as information about the technical benefits and performance advantages of this type of recycled plastic has spread rapidly throughout the industry.

The website was a direct result professional interest in the exciting maintenance-free possibilities and lifetime cost savings of recycled plastic building and construction materials.

About Kedel

Kedel Ltd was founded in 2009 and is both a distributor and manufacturer of products made from recycled plastic for the construction and building, garden, leisure and education markets. These include compost tumblers, garden planters, benches, permeable ground reinforcement grids, gates and fencing, as well as mixed plastic profiles, and Kedel's Recycled Plastic Wood, which is another innovative recycled plastic material that closely resembles wood, but has none of the costly maintenance disadvantages. Further information can be found at

About Your Housing Group

Your Housing Group is one of the UK's most successful social housing providers and currently has more than 32,000 homes in its portfolio ranging across the North West, Midlands and Staffordshire. Besides its range of homes for social and affordable renting, 'Your Housing Group' also provides new homes for sale, including many for shared ownership, plus Extra Care housing for the people over 55 and sheltered, supported accommodation for older people and young adults. Further information can be found at

About The Big Life Group

The 'Big Life Group' runs Skills2Build. Under this banner local Partington residents are employed fulltime as trainees for up to 12 months. They learn to work as a team on projects such as landscaping, painting and decorating; clean up and environmental schemes, and the aim is to support these trainees to get CSCS cards and useful qualifications including a driving licence. All these trainees are drawn from long-term unemployed families who need some work experience that is recent, as well as proof that they can work as a team, maintain good timekeeping and attendance so that they will be attractive to any prospective employer. More info can be found at