Picnic Tables

Maintenance Free, Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables save 80% or more on the cost of maintenance and replacement and will stay looking good year on year, avoiding the creeping rundown appearance of ageing outdoor furniture. Lasts 5 times longer than treated wood.

Kedel's Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture
keeps waste plastic out of expensive landfill, currently costing local authorities about £200 a tonne. Reduce lifetime costs. Reduce the carbon footprint of any new or refurbishment project.

The buyer wins, the specifier wins, the tax payer wins and the environment wins.

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Ribble Picnic Table | Recycled Plastic
From:  £496.44 inc. VAT
Derwent Recycled Plastic Junior Picnic Table/Bench
From:  £434.17 inc. VAT
Derwent Recycled Plastic Picnic Table | Picnic Bench
From:  £498.33 inc. VAT
Thames Childrens | Kids Picnic Table
£190.83 inc. VAT
Thames Picnic Table | Recycled Plastic
From:  £426.45 inc. VAT
Yangtze Side Table -  British Recycled Plastic
£110.00 inc. VAT
Eco-Table and Bench Set
£445.00 inc. VAT
Round Picnic Table
From:  £578.65 inc. VAT

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Recycled Plastic Wood and Recycled Mixed Plastic Picnic Tables

Recycled Plastic Wood Picnic Table - Thames RangeWood is OK BUT! 

Wood is great - the look, the smell, the naturalness.

No problems right? ....Wrong!

How do you maintain its looks. How long before you have to replace it? Wind, water, frost, and sunlight soon obliterate the fine looks unless you are willing to keep up the maintenance routine.

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to deal with all the sanding and painting of their picnic tables, and for an institution, maintenance budgets are very significant annual expense. What if that expenditure could be completely obliterated?

Take a look at this maintenance free alternative. Here you have picnic tables of all types, many of which look just like wood and even feel like it. But here's the big difference. These tables will NEVER rot, never need paint or preservative, will stay looking good throughout their long life which is at least 5 times longer than a Wooden Picnic Table.

These Picnic Tables will not crack or warp, are impervious to frost and are completely waterproof. If it happens to rain, wipe it off and sit down without the fear of getting a damp bottom. And what's more, there are no splinters to injure delicate parts or get into little fingers either.

These UV protected materials do not fade in the sunshine. Customers tell us that anything they have bought made from this recycled plastic wood (synthetic wood) looks even more like wood when exposed to the elements. We even had one customer complain that products we sent her were not as described, because she truly believed we had sent her wood instead of recycled plastic.

Reduce your carbon footprint, get a maintenance free quality product and save yourself a lot of time, effort and money with a Recycled Plastic Picnic Table, and keep waste plastic out of landfill sites.