Why buy 5 wood benches in 25 years

Kedel Outdoor Furniture Rotten Bench

Instead of just 1 recycled plastic bench

You can get much more for your money

  • Eliminate Maintenance and replacement costs 
  • Your outdoor furniture stays looking good year in year out
  • No replacement for 25-50+ years 
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Recycled and recyclable




Plastic Benches

These beautiful recycled plastic benches are both easy on the pocket as well as on the eye. There robust construction and long lasting recycled plastic materials will save money without sacrificing appearance and comfortable. Easy to clean and graffiti wipes away with normal household cleaners.

Plastic Picnic Tables

If you want Picnic Tables that you won't have to replace in your lifetime, that are easy to clean, that graffiti will wipe off, are UV protected and even available in bright colours, and that will never rot or need any maintenance, then these Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables are what you should be looking at.

Raised beds

Why Buy Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture? 

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Beautiful Outdoor furniture that is untouched by British weather and will never require a lick of paint throughout its long life.

Colours are UV protected to 7 or 8 - the level highest available, so little or no fading even in direct sunlight.

Cleaning is the only maintenance needed and this is easily done with soap and water or can be jet washed.

Tomorrow's outdoor furniture is available today and as it will last for decades, will have paid for itself in reduced maintenance and replacement costs in just 4-5 years.

After that you are basically enjoying free Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture - a point that will not be lost to any institutional buyer or specifier.

Kedel Recycled Plastic Furniture - Key Features