Plastic Cladding

Recycled Plastic Cladding is revolutionising cladding performance. Gone are the days of deteriorated cladding on housing, schools or flats after only 1-2 years. Email Kedel Sales for a quotation or use our Quick Response Enquiry Form.

  • No more preservatives or painting required, no fading, cracking, or warping
  • Install once and forget
  • Needs no maintenance, will last for the life of the property, and can eventually be recycled
  • Available in any RAL colour
  • See our case study video here.
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Recycled Plastic V-Cladding
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Plastic Cladding Products That Never Rot

Kedel Recycled Plastic Cladding offers quality, longevity, and maintenance-free performance, providing guaranteed long-term cost savings on labour and materials. Wood Cladding rots - However, our Recycled Plastic Cladding won't! We supply exterior cladding boards in White, Black, Oak, Mahogany and Pebble Grey, with outstanding and long-lasting colour by nature of plastic products, and in various lengths to suit all needs. Recycled Plastic is a fantastic alternative to traditional wooden exterior cladding as it will never deteriorate, keeping buildings at their best for decades.

What is Cladding?

Cladding is an extra layer on the outside of a building. External cladding is attached to a project's framework to provide a finished look. The plastic nature of Kedel's Recycled Plastic Cladding makes it durable and zero maintenance; further, it looks clean and stays looking new for years to come, with long lasting colour. Cladding can also be called siding as the two terms are basically interchangeable.

How long does Plastic Cladding last?

In need of some new cladding but don't know which material to go with? Recycled plastic is a highly durable and low maintenance alternative to wood. Our cladding board products made from recycled materials make for a beautiful finish with long lasting colour without any maintenance. External cladding for houses that need updating is a great choice - replace the rotting wood or chipping brick with cladding products that won't disappoint or degrade over time.

A Few Examples:


Dormer Cladding

Old Cedar Cladding on Dormer

Kedel Recycled Plastic Cladding on Dormer

Private House

Private house traditional cladding

Private house with Kedel Recycled Plastic Wood Cladding


School Building in Hipperholme, Halifax, Yorkshire

School building rotten cedar cladding School with Kedel recycled plastic wood cladding


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