About Us - The Story of Kedeltrade's Recycled Plastic
Building and Construction Materials

The Origins of Kedel Recycled Plastic Products

Once upon a time, not so very far away - Colne in Lancashire to be precise - three brothers found themselves redundant through no fault of their own. Nothing new about that these days.

One of them, Kieran, since he had little else to do, as no one wanted him since he was getting on a bit, thought he would make a compost tumbler for his garden out of a used food grade 210lt screw top plastic bin, reclaimed from the food industry, and a base made out of recycled plastic lumber.

It turned out well, and needing a bit of extra cash, he thought it might be fun to make more than one, and sell them on eBay. And so it came to pass that the seed of a business idea was born.

Dermot, his younger brother, was an experienced sales and marketing manager, and they decided together to have a market research study done to see if recycled plastic products had a future and a market. Business Link kindly obliged them by producing such a report for free.

The 3rd and eldest brother, Lewis, was needed for his IT, photographic, journalistic, and presentation skills as well as his pleasant calming nature, to stop the other two from squabbling, so he was invited to come on board as an after thought, to create a website and handle customer service issues.

Lewis was blissfully unaware of what he was getting into, and is still coming to terms with the loss of his hitherto untroubled life which had, up to that point, been far from the rat race, living an almost monk-like existence in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. But it must have been his destiny knocking at the door, and a change was long overdue!

A nephew, Nathan, came on board with spectacular Industrial Product Design skills and very importantly, David, other talented nephew arrived with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) skills that magically shot Kedel to fame. The new company emerged magically on the internet from nowhere to the great surprise of our competitors. You can't make much progress these days if no one can find you on Google. 

And so a business, without a name, was born.

The name 'Kedel' emerged from the first names of the brothers, Kieran, Dermot and Lewis and was suggested by Kieran's wife, Sue. Kedel Limited was registered with Companies House on 13th January 2010.

This website 'kedeltrade.co.uk' is one of three company websites catering for the general public, the education market and finally the building and construction trade.

So, this was the beginning, and a 1000 sq ft unit was initially leased with a small grant from Pendle Council. No one got any wages for a while.

After less than 12 months 1000 sq ft seemed a bit cramped, and Kedel moved to 6000 sq ft, followed only 6 months later by a 12,000 sq foot unit at Daisy Mill, and Kedel Trade is still growing like a weed.

Obviously something seems to be working well, and that something is Recycled Plastic Building and Construction Materials and a market thirsty for maintenance-free eco-friendly products.

The staff gradually increased to meet demand and now number 13 which you can see in the picture below. A more creative group of talented people you will never find anywhere.