Colne Rainbow Garden Bench | Multicoloured Recycled Plastic

Colne Rainbow Garden Bench | Multicoloured Recycled Plastic

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Model:  BENEND0052

Ideal for gardens, parks, playgrounds, zoos, or anywhere that requires a brightly coloured, long lasting, maintenance free bench to sit on.

We sell this bench in an array of different colours and sizes to suit your preferences.

The legs include countersunk fixing holes for bolting in the ground, although the bench is already rather heavy and robust as it is.

It's made from two types of recycled plastic; mixed plastic and synthetic wood. The legs are made from recycled mixed plastic which include recycled milk bottle cartons, paint trays and buckets, and the planks are made from 100% recycled crushed CD cases. We feel the Eco-friendly nature of this product gives it great educational value as well as added incentive for any business looking to win industry Eco-awards. 

But the benefit doesn't stop there. This bench is completely maintenance free. Although you may have to clean it, like you would any other bench, after a while; but that's just about it. The Colne bench will be unaffected by changing weather condition and last decades, with little to no signs of deterioration. It doesn't rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter, has the highest level of UV protection against direct sunlight and is frost proof. Insects and fungus also won't be attracted to it as there's nothing it can embed itself in and is colourfast, so there are no toxic process selected preservatives embedded and no painting or varnishing is ever required.

This is a wonderful bench with excellent whole life cost value. What are you waiting for? 

Main Advantages:

  • Brightly coloured without the need to paint or varnish and no toxic chemicals embedded
  • Available in various colours and sizes to suit your needs
  • Eco- friendly - recycled and endlessly recyclable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long lasting
  • Won't rot, warp, crack, chip or splinter (great for little fingers)
  • UV protected
  • Frost Proof
  • Impervious to Insects and Fungus
  • Excellent whole life cost

Model:  BENEND0052

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