Recycled Plastic Sheet

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Recycled Plastic Sheet or Board comes in several varieties - HDPE sheet both as a multicoloured sandwich and solid colours, StokbordRecycled Mixed Plastic Sheet (a combination of HDPE and LDPE) and Stormboard.  Some are 100% recycled waste plastic sheets in the UK, but the brighter colours are more difficult to achieve in this country because we do not sort plastic as well as in the USA or even as well as the rest of Europe. Nevertheless, our HDPE multicoloured sheets are up to 80% recycled plastic material.  The lower carbon footprint of recycled plastic makes our products very green, and they can of course be recycled again.  

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Stokbord - 10 Recycled Plastic Sheets - Board
From:  £301.21 inc. VAT
HDPE Sheet - Sandwich Colours - Plastic
From:  £51.90 inc. VAT
Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet /Board | (D)25mm
From:  £45.78 inc. VAT
HDPE Sheets | Colour Sheets | Smooth
£86.54 inc. VAT
Stormboard Sheets | High Impact
£67.50 inc. VAT

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Our coloured boards have very high UV protection, and we use them for outdoor play equipment and accessories, as well as for signage.  Stokbord and Mixed Plastic Sheet is great for equestrian applications or for animal sheltersagricultural purposes and general building use. Stormboard is great for advertising as it is smooth and takes acrylic print very well and can be re-sited and used repeatedly both for site building hoarding or indoors for advertising. All our recycled plastic is non-toxic and neither animals nor insects will eat it. Recycled plastic requires no treatments or preservatives and will last for decades, making whole life costs considerably less than wood or even concrete. Check out our recycled plastic sheet prices. This independent WRAP study shows significant whole life cost savings compared to wood.

5 Types of Recycled Plastic Sheet:

HDPE Sheet
(up to 80% recycled)
Stokbord (100% recycled) Mixed Recycled Plastic
(100% recycled plastic)
HDPE Sandwich Sheet
(up to 80% recycled)
(100% Recycled Mixed Plastic)