What is Plastic Tongue and Groove Used For?

Plastic tongue and groove is primarily used in paneling, exterior cladding and gate construction. Our Tongue and Groove boards fit together with very little effort and assembly requires very little expertise. Plastic boards are perfect for anywhere that you need a material that is resistant to moisture, dirt, or bacterial growth, interior or exterior.

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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items


• Do you want it to rot?
• Do you want to paint it annually?
• Do your customers want to keep replacing it?

To avoid disappointment, don't use treated timber, or wood/plastic composites. Instead, use products that keep their color and only require a wipe down with a wet cloth every now and then. Use Recycled Plastic Tongue and Groove in either Synthetic or Plastic Wood (very wood-like and in any RAL colour) or recycled mixed plastic lumber - Ultra Specification - tough stuff, heavier and denser than wood.

This tongue and groove is intended to last a lifetime with no maintenance or replacement. Save time, effort and money!

We can provide plastic tongue and groove paneling and cladding in both recycled mixed plastics or plastic wood.

Cladding Products That Never Rot

Kedel Recycled Plastic Cladding offers quality, longevity, and maintenance-free performance, providing guaranteed long-term cost savings on labour and materials. Wood Cladding rots - However, our Recycled Plastic Cladding won't! We supply exterior cladding boards in White, Black, Oak, Mahogany and Pebble Grey, with

outstanding and long lasting colour by nature of plastic products, and in various lengths to suit all needs. Recycled Plastic is a fantastic alternative to traditional wooden exterior cladding as it will never deteriorate, keeping buildings at their best for decades.