Recycled plastic bollards need no maintenance 

Steel metal bollards need paint to maintain their appearance and prevent rust.  Concrete traffic bollards suffer frost damage over time, and we've even seen new concrete bollards repeatedly smashed by vandals. ...Wooden road bollards and posts will rot and need preservative treatments. A recycled plastic bollard is maintenance free, vandal resistant, graffiti proof and will never rot. It's lighter and easier to install with less labour than steel or concrete, cheaper to transport, with reduced whole life costs compared to the traditional alternatives.  In addition, waste plastic is diverted from expensive landfill that our council taxes pay for. Save a time and money for your clients, be eco-friendly and get a reputation for innovative, long-term cost saving solutions.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

Kedel Recycled Plastic Bollards

Kedel's range of plastic bollards has been designed to meet the ongoing demand for composite and recycled materials. Whether you need a traffic bollard or a road bollard, here recycled plastic posts will keep vehicles in line no matter what the circumstance. Our recycled plastic street bollards are robust, durable and manufactured here in the UK from British waste plastic. They are impervious to frost (concrete is not) and water or rain (unlike wood, which rots from water damage). Our eco-friendly roadside bollards can even be recycled again.

They are ideal for supermarkets, car parks, residential areas, pedestrianised high street shopping areas and other council-led traffic calming projects.

Available in colours BLACK, BROWN and GREY. 

Benefits of Kedel's Eco-friendly Recycled Plastic Bollards

• Made in the UK from British waste plastic, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials used for street furniture.
• Increased life-span over traditional bollards
• Maintenance-free and durable (no rot, splinters, cracks, or chips)
• Impervious to insects, fungi, algae, water and frost
• Recycled Plastic Bollards reduces carbon footprint

*Recycled Plastic Products may vary in colour and dimensions*