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Your Company Credit Application

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We are absolutely delighted
to welcome you as a
New Kedel Trade Customer

I would like to offer you the opportunity to submit an application for a 30 day credit account with Kedel Limited.

If you have any questions or difficulty providing the information on this form please contact us on 01282 861325 or email Rabena Moore, our credit controller, who will be pleased to help in any way she can.

We require your company registration number and VAT number in order to assess your credit worthiness and apply a realistic level of credit to your account.

Without these details we cannot offer credit, as they are needed by the credit agencies we use to trace your company's credit performance. 

We look forward very much to a long and enjoyable business relationship and will do our level best to treat you to the best service we can possibly offer.

Kind regards,


Dermot Walch

Managing Director


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