Ribble Junior Picnic Table - Recycled Plastic - Heavy Duty
Colour: Black,  Dimensions: (L)1000 x (W)1000 x (H)540  x (SH)320mmColour: Black,  Dimensions: (L)1200 x (W)1000 x (H)540  x (SH)320mmColour: Nut Brown,  Dimensions: (L)1000 x (W)1000 x (H)540  x (SH)320mmColour: Nut Brown,  Dimensions: (L)1200 x (W)1000 x (H)540  x (SH)320mm

Ribble Junior Picnic Table - Recycled Plastic - Heavy Duty

£349.02 inc. VAT (Exc. 20% VAT)
(£418.82 Inc. VAT)
Extended legs
Ground Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor FurnitureGround Anchor | Security Kits for Outdoor Furniture
Model:  IPPIC3009

These junior picnic tables are ideal for parks, gardens, zoos, playgrounds or any outdoor environment that can withstand varying and sometimes punishing weather conditions. The mixed plastic it's made from is equivalent in terms of density and durability to some South American hardback trees. Which simply means it can hold its own. 

This is a great product for councils that have a hard time with vandalism or theft because its extremely robust; so can't be kicked in, its fire resistant; so can't be set alight, and it is EXTREMELY heavy; so you won't have anyone running off with it anytime soon. It doesn't require any maintenance and will survive seasons all year round and last generations. Saving you a ton of time, money and hassle

Available in Black and Nut brown with a textured wood finish.

Ideal for parks, zoos, gardens or other outdoor environments that are subject to varying weather conditions

Key Features:

  • Will not rot, warp crack, chip or splinter
  • Graffiti easily removed
  • UV Protected
  • Colourfast - no toxic chemicals embedded
  • Doesn't adhere to frost, insects or fungus
  • Doesn't absorb water
  • Has wood-like engravings to give the appearance of wood
  • Lower life costs than wood - will save you money
  • Eco-friendly - made from recycled and recyclable 

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