This car needs no servicing - it's recycled plastic

Tuesday, 9 June 2015  |  Lewis

Recycled Plastic Wood needs no maintenance

Would you buy a car that never needed a service and looked good throughout its entire life?

The answer is almost certainly going to be yes!

Replacing wood with high quality recycled plastic is the estate managers equivalent to a life long maintenance free vehicle that will never need petrol.

Today’s high quality recycled plastic planksdeckingfence palessleepers and cladding look like wood, are more robust, impervious to water, frost and insects, do not crack, warp or splinter and the UV stable colour is permanently embedded in the plastic.

No need for painting or toxic preservative and you can work with normal woodworking tools.

Reduced life time cost of ownership

According to a recent survey by gardening express we renew our patios and decking about 6 times in our adult years at an average cost of £9000. (see decking video)

Recycled plastic planks and profiles last at least 5 times longer than treated wood and completely eliminate these recurring costs, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of building or refurbishment projects.

A cost comparison study by WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme) assumed that after 2 years wood generally needs maintenance, and complete replacement by year 7. The product pays for itself in 2-4 years.

Better maintained environment = reduced vandalism

It’s a well-known fact that well maintained housing estates are less prone to crime and vandalism.

Your Housing Group in South Manchester (see video) started replacing wooden fence panels on their Partington Housing Estate with recycled plastic panels 5 years ago.

Not the cheap hollow variety, but solid pales that can’t be kicked through and are more flame resistant than wood.

Housing Manager, Paul Stanners says:

“I thought it was rather expensive to begin with, but since we began installing these panels we have not had to replace a single one. Our maintenance and replacement costs have completely disappeared.”

The long term most economical and eco-friendly solution

Greater use of recycled plastic is sustainable, low carbon, cheaper over time and keeps many tonnes of plastic out of landfill and incinerators.

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