'One Stop Shop' for Wholesale Recycled Plastic Building Products

Wednesday, 10 July 2013  |  Lewis
Press Release

'Trade Only' Recycled Plastic Building Materials

Builders Demand Recycled Plastic Materials

Sir Robert McAlpines were supplied with Recycled Plastic Decking from Kedel Limited to reduce the carbon footprint of the tallest sculpture in the UK, the ArcelorMittal Orbital Tower at the 2012 Olympic Park in London.

"We've had steadily increasing demand from professionals in the construction industry to warrant a dedicated website to wholesale recycled plastic building materials", says Dermot Walch, Kedel's Sales and Marketing Director.

A Family Matter

The Walch brothers, from Bolton in Lancashire, launched Kedel Limited 4 years ago to retail recycled plastic products. 

"It was a bit of a gamble to launch Kedel in a recession," says Lewis Walch, the eldest of three brothers co-directing Kedel’s expansion.

"We had little idea what the level of demand would be," he  explained, "but we've had exponential growth in every sector we targeted, retaileducation as well as construction."

Market Driven by Whole Life Cost Savings

The increasing use of recycled plastic materials in construction is being propelled by persuasive practical advantages, and very substantial lifetime cost saving benefits.

Recycled Plastic Building and Construction Materials do not rot, never need painting and are difficult to vandalize. This means housing stock doesn't develop that depressing 'run down' look.

Recycled plastic materials last at least 5 times longer than treated wood.

Housing Associations and Local Government Lead the Way

Local Government and Housing Associations are reducing their maintenance and replacement budgets by installation of recycled plastic fencing and T&G back gates in recycled plastic wood.

'Your Housing Group' - One of Kedel's customers in Manchester -have experienced an 80% reduction in fencing maintenance and replacement budgets at their Partington Housing Estate by refurbishing wooden fence planels with recycled plastic profiles instead. 

Wholesale ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for Recycled Plastic Building Materials

Kedel's Production Manager, Kieran Walch, is a colourful character, with Crocodile Dundee leather hat and for 57 year old, a sickeningly healthy looking ponytail of long blonde hair.

"Each market sector we have entered has different needs. So we created online shop fronts to meet their different expectations in the hope that we can serve them better,” he says. 

Kieran, who used to run his own diamond drilling company has a lifetime of experience in all aspects of the builoding trade. He was keen to emphasis the One-Stop-Shop convenience of this new Construction Trade Website.

"Construction professionals prefer the convenience of one place where they can get easy access to everything they need for a project - the wholesale 'One-Stop-Shop' we have created with this online trade only portal will supply everything in Recycled Plastic that a building professional will ever need, and at the discount levels they are used to," he says.

Unlike Kieran, the eldest of the three Bolton brothers, Lewis Walch, comes suited and booted:

"A trade website, with a comprehensive range of Recycled plastic product categories, tailored to the needs of construction and building professionals, means you can find what you want quickly," he explained.

"Discounts automatically show in the basket when you reach the break points, that are based on total basket value", he added.

"It makes life simpler for our trade professionals, who no longer have to wait for quotes. They can quickly calculate the total cost of a project without waiting for our sales team to get back to them,” he said.

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