Iceland Introduce Kedel's Retail Dump-bins

Friday, 2 February 2018

Iceland is Leading the Way in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Iceland’s plan to remove of unnecessary plastic packaging of its own brand products in the next 5 years has been widely reported, including an unsympathetic interview by Susanna Reid on ‘Good Morning Britain’ that was slated by viewers on Social Media.

Ms Reid unfairly attacked Richard Walker, the MD of Iceland, on unrelated issues, in spite of his innocence on all counts, while failing to applaud the innovative lead he was taking to make his company eco-friendly.

Introduction of Recycled Plastic Dump-Bins from Kedel Limited

Walker’s pledge to ban plastic packaging at Iceland over the next 5 years or less isn’t the only socially responsible policy he recently initiated. Iceland have been installing recycled plastic dump bins in all their stores too.

These bright red bins, made of plastic wood, are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use and are manufactured from Recycled Polystyrene by Kedel Limited, based in Burnley. Watch our latest video here to see the manufacturing process of our Recycled Plastic Dump-bins

This is a great example of how our plastic waste can be used.

So far over 2100 have been dispersed around Iceland Stores in the UK.

Kedel’s plastic wood (video) looks and feels like wood but will never rot or require maintenance. It’s available in any RAL colour and is UV protected against fading.


Recycling Failure

China is no longer accepting waste plastic for recycling due to contamination and poor separation of the plastics we have been sending them. Consequently, much of our plastic has been rejected and ends up in landfill sites around the world.

In addition, the value of recycled plastic tracks the price of the oil from which it is derived. When the price of oil falls, demand for recycled plastic falls because 

virgin plastic, which is more reliable for manufacturing, becomes a cheaper option.

These factors have resulted in the majority of UK plastic waste being incinerated to produce electricity instead of being reused to make new products.

We urgently need to raise our game when it comes to recycling plastic.

Northern Eco-friendly Innovation

The North of England has a history of innovation from Cotton to Engineering and continues to move with the times in launching businesses in the emerging plastic recycling industry.

Kedel Limited is a recycled plastic manufacturer, a family run business founded by three brothers from Bolton, that has just celebrated its 8th year in business.

Demand has been rising 30% a year and currently, 20 local people are now employed at Kedel’s Burnley factory.

The company carries over 2000 recycled plastic products and supplies both recycled plastic for building and construction, as well as maintenance free outdoor furniture.

These include a range of children’s furniture for schoolsstreet and garden furnitureraised beds and planterscompostersT&G profilescladdingfencinggates, and sleepers. There is also an in-house design team to cater for bespoke products.

Where to get Recycled Plastic Products

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