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Popular Products
Irwell 3 seater garden bench

Irwell 3 seater garden benchFrom:  £357.50

This 3 seater Irwell garden bench is the medium size bench of our Irwell range. It can serve as a great addition to any park, playground, zoo or outdoor environment that can give tired folk a comfortable place to sit. 

Ribble Picnic Table - Bullnose Version

Ribble Picnic Table - Bullnose Version£490.00

Maintenance-free, eco-friendly Recycled Plastic Bullnose Picnic Table. Comes with a wood-like grain finish and is available in Black with an option for extended legs. 100% British made.
Ribble Picnic Table | Recycled Plastic

Ribble Picnic Table | Recycled PlasticFrom:  £432.08


This recycled plastic picnic table is one of our best selling and like all our tables it will never be subject to rot or insect damage. Cleans with normal household cleaning materials and graffiti is easy to remove with a bit of WD40 and ultra fine wire wool. Each 1.5 meter table contains the equivalent of 255 four pint plastic milk cartons and the 2m version 375. This is a genuine recycled plastic product that will save money because it will never need maintenance or replacement.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Table | Ribble Range | Wheelchair Access

Recycled Plastic Picnic Table | Ribble Range | Wheelchair Access£665.83

A recycled plastic picnic table with wheel chair access from our Ribble Range that requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime.

Ribble Junior Picnic Table - Recycled Plastic - Heavy Duty

Ribble Junior Picnic Table - Recycled Plastic - Heavy DutyFrom:  £315.00

Robust, Heavy Duty, No maintenance. Available in Nut Brown and Black

Bradley Garden Bench | Park Bench | Bullnose version

Bradley Garden Bench | Park Bench | Bullnose version£352.08

Although slightly taller than our Colne Garden or Park Bench the Bradley Bench is every bit as tough and will never require any maintenance apart from cleaning making it an excellent investment which pays for itself. Will not require paint or preservative as it does not rot.