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Why Choose Recycled Plastic Decking?

A survey by Gardening Express found that we renew our patios and decking about 6 times during our adult years, at an average total cost of £9000. We think that's far too much.

Kedel Recycled Plastic Decking is maintenance-free and will last a lifetime. Click on the video beside to learn more  see what our customers think.

Recycled Plastic Decking Maintenance-free Cost effective Kedel
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Modular Decking | Moulded Recycled Plastic Sections

Modular Decking | Moulded Recycled Plastic Sections£100.80  -  £126.00

Modular Decking manufactured in moulded recycled plastic sections with tongue and groove connections for easy, rapid installation. Durable and Cost Effective. Available in Brown, Grey and 3 sizes to fit on standard pallets for convenient transportation.

Moulded Joists | Decking | Footpath Support | Recycled Plastic

Moulded Joists | Decking | Footpath Support | Recycled Plastic£82.17

Robust, Long Life, Cost Effective, eco-friendly Footpath Supports to provide a firm substructure for Decking and Walkways in country parks or any domestic or commercial boardwalk application. Allows rapid deployment of no maintenance walkways or decking whatever the ground conditions and with minimal labour costs.

Plastic Wood Decking 120 x 20mm x 3m

Plastic Wood Decking 120 x 20mm x 3m£18.76  (1)

Never needs painting and no maintenance required. Will last for decades with no loss in appearance.

Download Decking Installation Guide

Recycled Mixed Plastic Footpath Planks 197 x 40

Recycled Mixed Plastic Footpath Planks 197 x 40£13.61  -  £43.31

Slip-Resistant, Water-proof, Easy to Clean - Ideal for coastal and marine areas. Available in Brown and Grey and Various Lentgths.

Recycled Plastic Driving Tool

Recycled Plastic Driving Tool£4.26  -  £5.12  (1)

These robust tools are designed to aid the installation of 50 x 50mm,
70 x 70mm, 75 x 75mm 90 x 90mm and 100 x 100mm Post Spikes, to protect the shoe whilst hammering into the ground. The Driving Tool should always be used when installing Post Spikes.

Recycled Plastic Lumber | Decking | Mixed Plastic Wood Decking | Ultra | 150 x 38mm

Recycled Plastic Lumber | Decking | Mixed Plastic Wood Decking | Ultra | 150 x 38mm£33.05  (1)

Very tough, long lasting, commercial decking boards 150 x 38mm That will never rot or need treating with preservatives. Maintains appearance for decades. Install once, pay once... total life cost is contained in the initial cost of installation
Download Decking Installation Guide


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

Download Decking Installation Guide

Recycled Plastic Decking, sometimes called eco plastic wood decking, is not only very eco-friendly but the ideal replacement for wood in ideal material for decking, walkways, fishing pegs, jetties or footpaths which are continually exposed to the elements. This is not the same as composite decking which can absorb moisture and cause warping because it contains wood flour mixed with plastic. Kedel's plastic decking made in the uk contains no wood, and lasts at least 5 times longer. Looks like wood, but behaves like plastic. Available in heavy duty Recycled Mixed Plastic or as Kedel's Recycled Plastic Wood.

  • Lasts at least 5 times longer than treated wood
  • Reduced whole life costs vs wood - see WRAP study
  • Maintenance-free - water, frost, mould and insect proof
  • Greater slip resistance compared to wood 
  • Contains no toxic preservatives
  • Does not warp, crack or splinter
  • UV protected against fading
  • Recycled and Recyclable - eco-friendly low carbon footprint